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Feel the Tension Drain Out of Your Body With a Relaxing Massage at the Hands of Our Staff

Enjoy Body Massage

Enjoy a Full Body Massage at Traditional Chinese Medicine. This full body massage is done in a private room and is designed to be the ultimate in relaxation and stress relief with more focus on the back, neck, shoulders and legs.

Enjoy Foot Massage

Relax from head to toe with our combo massage. Soothe your aching feet in a relaxing foot soak while your head, shoulders, back, hands, and feet are massaged to make you feel years younger and relieve tension and stress. 

Enjoy ComboMassage

For Combo Massage,  enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of Western style massage (Swedish & Deep Tissue) with the rejuvenating and deeper pressure of Eastern style massage (Asian Reflexology). 

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